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14-19 (Post 16)

At Key Stage 5 pupils follow the core subjects are part of a  three year rolling programme and will gain accreditation in areas such as ICT and Careers.  Pupils are assessed in the Autumn Term  and accreditation is matched to the level of ability.  Pupils may complete accreditation in  OCR Life and Living  skills  Pre- entry to Entry 3. Accreditation units build together to make a  qualification based on an award, certificate or diploma.(See accreditation policy for further details)

Examples of OCR Life and Living Skills units

Taking part in  daily routine activities

Developing independence skills(staying safe)

Preparing drinks and snacks

At KS5 pupils may take learning pathways in Horticulture, Salon, Hospitality and Creative Media - again building on accreditation from OCR providers.

Identified pupils through assessment  are able to  follow  WJEC Essential Skills Wales  to achieve qualifications in Communication, Application of Number and Digital skills. In Entry 1 & Entry 2 Learners working this qualification will use the WEST toolkit to support their learning. IT is a diagnostic programme, which will continually update to provide the learners with tasks which they need to practice in order to understand  the concept.

Assessment in 6 form is from the Steps4Life package, this builds on the assessment from previously  as it "pulls through" assessment data on literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing which is applicable to KS5. In addition, pupils are assessed on  PSE, digital skills, life skills including food, travel,self care and independence skills.


 Ty Crefft ( Enterprise)

Post 16 students have previously been involved with the Young Enterprise programme  and Ty Crefft is a central focus for learning in sixth form, with the curriculum being devised mainly through a social enterprise model.

Recycling and sustainability is heavily endorsed.

In addition to the above, learners work on other entrepreneurial projects via their Caffi Coch and Horticultural project via the school garden.  Learners are confident handling money during their session in the café and whilst selling plants to parents and staff during break time. Farm to fork learning where pupils identify crops to grow, maintain and care for them, pick produce to then use in the hospitality aspect of the curriculum.

Work Experience

Partnerships have been set up with local companies such as Tesco who provide work experience for pupils and also work experience with Pugh's Garden Centre, GTFM and other local establishments. Currently some of our pupils have six week sessions for 1 day a week in the local community. There is also in school work experience as part of our suite of social enterprise.


One day a week the school employs a professional gardener, who provides horticultural learning skills. The garden has been developed over the years to provide an outside classroom, greenhouse and potting shed.  Plans are in place to develop a Farm Shop where students can display and sell produce and plants they have grown. Produce is sold to parents and staff, as well as being  used in hospitality.  The horticulture pathways create hanging baskets, planters and floral displays which are sold as part of enterprise.  The pupils visit the garden centre and local shops to gain ideas and purchase plug plants and seeds.

Caffi Coch and Chillies

The kitchen and café have been in full swing with pupils using the area to deliver food skills and running a café for other students. It is also being used for the delivery of hospitality skills for a full day on Fridays.

The staff have now become acquainted with the different items of industrial standard kitchen appliances and are now extending their skills and getting the best from the area.

The area is being used flexibly for the two main activities in the area. The café area can be setup for either a traditional café with individual tables for serving snacks and drinks. Alternatively, it can be arranged using the area with a classroom setup with the stainless steel table being used for group preparation of food. Students in this set up can then access the kitchen in small groups to safely operate the oven and other appliances.

It is intended to increase the numbers of classes using the café area as the students confidence improves and skills are developed in taking orders and serving customers.

At present it is used on a Monday and Wednesday morning for Caffi Coch for pupils in the school. It is also used to promote food skills and planning a meal through the week. It is open  and on Friday for Chillies. In addition to this the hospitality course have catered for buffets for courses, for special occasions such as  the Awards ceremony and also for visitors such as the Women's Institute.

Pupils in 16-19 have designed a menu for their café as part of  Caffi Coch, where snacks are created and served. There is a visual menu as this helps students from other classes to select and communicate their choices.

The Hospitality accreditation pathways  is very impressive with high quality food being enjoyed by staff and students alike. This will continue to develop with the menu being extended  to allow more staff customers to enjoy the hard work of the students.

Sport and Leisure

Pupils at Key Stage 5  have the opportunity  to take part in a Physical Education residential course. These may be held in residential centres such as Llangranog or Dolygaer  in Brecon.  During these  2/3 day outdoor & adventurous activity courses, pupils take part in skiing, canoeing, kayaking, quad biking, zip wire and team building activities. Pupils are able to extend a variety of skills which are more easily facilitated in an outdoor environment. The development of these skills promotes individual well being, a positive attitude and self confidence, which will help the children to become responsible citizens, confident individuals and effective learners.  A fantastic time is always  had by all!

Some pupils select to take the Duke of Edinburgh  Award  where they may walk the Taff Trail or  the Brecon to Monmouth canal path. as part of the expedition they stay overnight. The learning which takes place on the expeditions promotes team work, independence and problem solving skills. This is a fantastic opportunity. Pupils in the school have gained Bronze and Silver Awards recently.

Hairdressing Salon

Initially financed by the Unlocking the Potential funding stream and the 14-19 network, the school opened their own hairdressing salon.  Learners interested in pursuing a hairdressing pathway have the opportunity to be trained in the salon every Tuesday. They have had clients who have had their hair washed and styled.  The aim of the venture is to give learners work-related experience of working in a salon and interacting with customers from the surrounding community.   





Pupils in Year 12 and older may have the opportunity to visit local colleges Coleg y Cymoedd in Nantgarw   each week. YTC has a satellite base which they visit three days a week. They  enjoy the social interaction when they visit the refectory at lunch time. The satellite base has ensured over the years that our young people are increasingly comfortable in the college environment and many of our pupils go on to  college after leaving school.


The IDP ( Annual Review) in their  final  year is completed early in the autumn term, allowing  as much time as is possible to  put plans in place for the transition from school.



 The school works closely with parents, the future provision and partner agencies towards a smooth transition. During the summer term, the transition process is increased and  further opportunities to visit the new provision are created.