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Adverse Weather Conditions

Parent/Guardian Advice in the Event of Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of a fall of snow or other dangerous weather situations happening overnight or early morning the Head Teacher and the Chair of Governors will apply the following standards:

  • The Head will travel to the school site (if able to do so) and undertake a Risk Assessment to identify the safety for staff and pupils attending Ysgol Ty Coch.  If unable to get to the site the Head Teacher will contact the Office Manager who lives locally.
  • The Head will inform the Chair of Governors of the results of the Risk Assessment.
  • The Site Manager, if able to get to school, will organise the salting of important areas.
  • The transport companies will attempt to contact the school by telephone to inform the Head of their own Risk Assessments of safely picking up and returning the pupils.  The companies may also contact parents and parents are advised to contact the transport companies if they need advice.  IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT PARENTS/CARERS DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO SCHOOL IN THEIR OWN TRANSPORT UNLESS THEY ARE ADVISED TO DO SO BY THE HEAD TEACHER.  In the event there is no answer at school, transport are advised to check the school website at and/or the RCT website at
  • The decision to close the school is made by 8am.  All parents will be contacted by text.
  • If the decision is taken to close the school, the Head Teacher informs Mrs Morgan who will place a closure notice on the school website at
  • The Head Teacher will notify the relevant department within the LA to ensure RCT’s central website is updated to reflect the school closure at
  • Mrs Langley will send out a parent text to inform parents and staff.
  • School staff are advised to view the website, telephone or email the school only if they require further advice.  Staff are required to complete their agreed work at home until the message on the website changes and they are advised otherwise and/or receive text message.
  • Our school catchment area covers Taff Ely and parts of Cynon and Rhondda.  However, many teaching staff live outside these areas and may experience difficulties travelling to work even though the immediate area around the school seems to be clear.
  • In the event of the weather causing continued disruption, information will be posted on the school website by 4pm on the day preceding a school day.  A text message will also be sent.  This information will continue to be updated until a return to school is possible.

In the event of a fall of snow or other dangerous weather situations happening whilst the school is in session the Head Teacher and the Chair of the Governors will apply the following standards.

  • The Head Teacher and school staff will monitor the weather forecasts and the weather around the school during the school day.  If a snow fall or other weather hazard seems possible, this plan will be activated.
  • The Head Teacher will contact the Chair of Governors and the decision will be made to close the school early.
  • Mrs Morgan will place a school closure notice on the website.
  • The transport companies will be alerted that pupils will be leaving school at a pre-determined time via the Intergrated Community Transport Unit at Sardis House.
  • Admin staff will use available information to contact parents/carers by text and phone to inform them of the school closure.  THE SCHOOL CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF TELEPHONE NUMBERS ARE NOT KEPT UP TO DATE BY PARENTS/CARERS.
  • The pupils will be placed on transport as it arrives and taken to the usual address to which they are taken normally.
  • The school website will advise of the re-opening of the school when the weather has improved and parents will also receive a text message.