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Attendance Advice for Parents/Guardians

‘The Welsh Government states all children should receive a minimum of 95% attendance.  The Local Authority is notified as soon as any pupils fall below 86% and, wherever necessary, make the appropriate referral to the Attendance and Well Being Service’.

Please find below the guidelines we operate at Ysgol Tŷ Coch with regard to attendance:

  • Morning registration is open from 8.50am – 9.30am.
  • Afternoon registration is open from 12.30pm – 1.00pm
  • If students arrive late to school, they will be entered onto the attendance register as ‘Late before registration closes’ or ‘Late after registration closes’.
  • If your child is ill, you must inform YTC by 9am (9.30am at the latest) on the first day.  In the event you do not contact us, a member of the office staff will contact you first by telephone and then by text message.  In the event we do not receive a reason for the absence, it will be classified as ‘unauthorised’.  When your child is off school for more than one day, we ask you to contact us on the initial first day followed by the fourth day and every four consecutive days.
  • It is important that you do not pass information of absences or medical appointments to the bus driver/escort or another pupil.  It is parents/guardians' responsibility to telephone school to report an absence.  Often you will know of a medical appointment in advance, so you could inform the teacher via the home/school book or by a note.  We need to sight all appointment letters/cards.
  • We ask that Dentist and G.P. appointments are made outside of school hours whenever possible.  We appreciate this facility is not available for hospital appointments, but we are required to sight the appointment letter/card in order to comply with procedure and guidelines.  Just send a copy in for the teacher to see and it will be returned – we do not need to keep it.
  • If your child has a medical appointment, e.g. 10.30am or 2.00pm and they do not attend school for the morning or afternoon session (as appropriate), it will be classed as an unauthorised absence.
  • Holidays – we cannot authorise family holidays (other than exceptional circumstances)