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Ysgol Ty Coch School

Dysgu Gyda'n Gilydd

Key Stage 3


  • To promote the pupil’s language and communication skills
  • To promote the pupil’s numeracy skills
  • To promote the pupil’s scientific skills
  • To promote the pupil’s historical and geographical skills
  • To promote the pupil’s sporting and mobility skills
  • To promote the pupil’s personal and social skills
  • To promote the pupil’s problem solving and independent thought processes
  • To promote the pupil’s religious and culture development
  • To promote the pupil’s creative design and artistic skills
  • To promote the pupil’s information and technological skills
  • To provide a stimulating environment that promotes learning and independence

Our Main Objectives

  • To give pupil’s the opportunity to experience the secondary curriculum in the traditional setting – taught by teachers with a subject specialism
  • To continue to work with other agencies in order to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the pupil’s education
  • To provide opportunities for pupil’s to develop their independent skills through an age appropriate environment
  • To encourage pupil’s to begin to think about their future life beyond school
  • To build on pupil’s communication, literacy and numeracy skills, ensuring that these are transferable across the curriculum
  • To give pupil’s the opportunity to take part in team building activities by representing the school in sporting competitions and matches
  • To continue to develop pupil’s mobility through physiotherapy, where appropriate
  • To continue to develop pupil’s speech and language skills through the Speech and Language Therapy service, where appropriate
  • To build on the development of pupil’s communication, adopting a method suitable for the individual pupil
  • To build on the development of pupil’s numerical skills ensuring this is transferable to all areas of the curriculum and life skills
  • To build on pupils scientific development incorporating their knowledge and understanding of the world and promoting independent investigation

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement and support is considered an important and valued part of the education of pupils in Ysgol Tŷ Coch.  This is particularly the case towards the end of Key Stage 3 when parents work with a number of agencies as they start to plan the future for their child beyond school.  Open evenings are offered at the school as a forum for agencies to gather and show parents what is available after their child leaves school.  


The curriculum at Key Stage 3 aims to build on the skills taught in the Primary department.  There is an emphasis on skills rather than the subject based learning and pupils are encouraged to transfer their skills and to think independently where possible. 

Children have full access to the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum which is adapted to their needs. They have access to the fourteen curriculum subjects. Teaching and learning activities are delivered through a varied medium, including ICT, academic tasks  and  practical tasks.

At KS3 pupils also learn about Careers and the World of Work. In addition, pupils at KS3 learn French which is  the  chosen language  for MFL at Ysgol Ty  Coch.

We have developed a three year thematic  rolling programme  based on the recommendations following the review of the curriculum in October 2015.   The fourteen subjects areas have been aligned to six areas of learning:-

Area of Learning Current National Curriculum Alignment
Expressive Arts                                              

Art, Drama, Music,  Dance,  Film,  Digital Media

Health and Well being PE,  PSE,  SRE, Careers
Humanities History,  Geography, RE
Language, Literacy and Communication English, Welsh, Digital Communication, MFL
Mathematical Development Maths
Science and Technology Science, DT, ICT

This  ensures coverage of the required curriculum, incorporating our school schemes of work.  We adopt a thematic approach, teaching through termly topics.

Year Autumn Spring  Summer
2019-20 Woodland Wonders Wales at Work All Around the World
2016-17 Cosmic Connections Dungeons and Dragons Into the Wild
2017-18 Engineering Essentials Dig for Victory Home and Away

  The learning experience is extended through visitors to school  and   visits to places of historical interest e.g Cyfartha Castle and Pontypridd Museum. The learning experience has been planned  to extend the  learning of the current topics.  All work is specifically tailored to the abilities of individual pupils and incorporates opportunities for pupils to practice skills and specific objectives in line with their IEPs.  The curriculum is delivered through a structured framework which incorporates long, medium and short term planning, which ensures long term progression throughout the key stage.  There is an emphasis on skills and a cross curricular, practical and applied approach to learning.  Pupils are encouraged to become independent thinkers. 

As part of their curriculum, in  the Spring term of some years, the KS3 have entered the Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative. This competition has further helped embed Curriculum Cymreig into the school curriculum. In 2014 and 2016  Ysgol  Ty Coch has won the Special School category for  the Welsh Heritage School's Initiative.

Pupils at KS3  have regular SRE and PSE sessions, this is undertaken by the classteacher but may also be further extended  with sessions from the school nurse. For further details please read the SRE curriculum.

Some pupils learn through a sensory approach and will access light / dark rooms and the hydrotherapy pool. 

Extra Curricular

Pupils have also represented the school, taking part in athletic competitions at Leckwith and around Wales.  Speech therapy and physiotherapy are available for pupils where necessary.