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Ysgol Ty Coch School

Dysgu Gyda'n Gilydd

Links With Other Schools

At Ysgol Ty Coch, we realise that the most effective schools are those who work collaboratively to share best practice. This is a key part of our improvement strategy. Quite simply, we believe in being a school that pushes boundaries of what is possible. Ysgol Ty Coch has highly effective links with many other schools in the local area, across the region, Nationally and increasingly internationally to achieve this goal. 

Curriculum coordinators are encouraged to liaise with their colleagues in other schools and  a number of projects have  developed through this approach.

In addition, YTC has close links with the other special schools  throughout Wales. These partnerships ensure Ysgol Ty Coch is at the forefront of educational developments in Wales. Examples of current school to school projects include:

  • The LNF Cross Consortium steering Group -  YTC is one of seven special schools in the steering group. This group has developed effective LNF moderation procedures and now provides strategic leadership of the LNF moderation process across Wales.  In total, more than 30 SEN schools regularly attend these termly events.
  • Future Leaders in SEN Course - YTC is one of five strategic partners who coordinate and facilitate The Central South Consortium Future Leaders Course. This course aims to build leadership capacity in schools and covers modules in: Developing Leadership, Leading Teaching and Learning, Strategic Direction, School Improvement, Self Evaluation, Leading staff and managing resources. There are 6 modules over the course of a year. Each module is hosted by one of the partner schools. Delegates therefore get the opportunity to visit four special schools in the area. This course ensures that YTC constantly builds leadership capacity at all levels across the school
  • Teachers new to SEN - YTC realises that teaching in special schools brings with it a unique range of opportunities and challenges. As a result, we have joined with 4 other SEN schools to write, coordinate and deliver a training programme for teachers new to the sector.  Modules include: Introduction to SEN/ALN, Leading a team of TAs, Assessment for Learning, Data in SEN Schools, Behaviour Management and Teaching and Learning
  • Associate Pioneer School for Digital Competence - YTC is a member of a group of associate pioneer schools who have been tasked with the development of the Digital Competence Framework. The framework is now available to all schools and it is rewarding to see it being used to raise standards.
  • School Improvement Group (SIG 17) - We are thrilled to be involved with the dynamic School Improvement Group project. This is a project funded by the Central South Consortium which aims to promote school to school working in order to raise standards. We therefore join with mainstream schools from across the consortium to work collaboratively on teaching and learning projects.  Projects have included  focussing on developing pupils' digital competence skills,  writing development and more recently on creative arts and digital media
  • Moving Teaching from Good to Excellent - It is a great privilege to be working closely with the consortium and the CONTINUA framework to further promote collaborative working between schools. The aim of this project is to encourage teachers to self assess their own practice and then to share best practice with other schools across the region
  • Links with Schools in RCT - We are fortunate enough to have excellent relationships with all SEN schools in RCT. These include Park Lane, Maes Gwyn and Hen Felin. Our most recent project has involved joining forces to plan and host the 'Leavers Prom'. This was held in the Summer Term in Llanerch Vineyard and proved to be a massive hit!
  • Inclusion - As a special school, we realise that there is a huge amount of expertise within school that can be used to assist children with ALN in mainstream settings. We also realise that mainstream settings can provide essential inclusion opportunities for our more able learners. As a result, we enjoy effective links with Llantwit Fadre Primary, Bryncelynnog secondary and Coleg Y Cymoedd to ensure our pupils receive a broad, balanced and progressive learning experience.
  • Links with Ysgol Hen Felin - We work exceptionally closely with Ysgol Hen Felin to ensure that both schools operate effectively, efficiently and that we are well placed to use resources across both organisations. Most recently, we have been working together to improve leadership and administrative functions which ensures that both schools run smoothly. We have had 2 collaborative projects looking at ICT infrastructure and the provision for Touch Therapy.

As you can see, our committment to working collaboratively ensures that we have effective sytems in place to self improve. This was commented on positively during our last catergorisation meeting.