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  • At Ysgol Tŷ Coch we promote the protection and welfare of all our children and consider this to be a priority.
  • We have a designated child protection officer, who offers advice and guidance to all staff in safeguarding matters.
  • We have 6 designated Deputy Safeguarding leads and people trained to Level 3 across the sites of BYC and the college provision at Nantgarw who are listed as deputy safeguarding whilst they are on that site 
  • Janice Stuckey is our governor with responsibility for Child Protection. They ensure that our policy is in place and that it complies with all legislation regarding safeguarding and child protection issues. A new safeguarding policy is adopted every year by YTC. The most recent one was approved by governors in October 203.
  • All school staff must follow the Local Safeguarding Board approved policy and procedures if they believe children are in danger, have been harmed or are in danger of being harmed by someone. This is underpinned by Safeguarding Wales -
  • If we believe a child to be in danger or has been harmed in any way it is our duty to report the matter to the IAA team or the police immediately. We do not have any choice in the matter.
  • We also would report a matter to the MASH team and follow the appropriate channels, if we consider there may be a concern about radicalisation - this follows the guidelines of the PREVENT Duty Guidance for England and Wales  revised 2021. We have a Prevent policy updated November 2023.
  • The safety of your children is the most important factor in this school. If we should have any concerns regarding a child then we would discuss and work with you to resolve the matter. It is possible under certain circumstances that we may have to refer the matter to the child protection team first, before we can consult with you. This can be a difficult situation but we hope you will understand that our duty is to the child. We must put the child first.