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Supporting Learners with Healthcare Needs

The school supports the premise that a cooperative and proactive approach is needed to ensure that effective and individual support is provided to learners with healthcare needs and that this ensures minimal disruption to their education.   We are committed to working with the local authority and understand that the governing body remain legally responsible and accountable for fulfilling their statutory duties.

Key commitments in our school include:

  • Learners with healthcare needs should be properly supported so that they have full access to education, including trips and physical education.
  • Our governing body must ensure that arrangements are in place to support learners with healthcare needs.
  • The governing body should ensure that education setting staff consult the relevant professionals, learners and parents to ensure the needs of the learner with healthcare needs are properly understood and effectively supported.

Key principles

 All staff at the school understand the important principles that should be considered when developing these arrangements.  These include:

  • Staff understand and work within the principles of inclusivity
  • Lessons and activities are designed in a way which allows those with healthcare needs to participate fully
  • Staff understand their role in supporting learners with healthcare needs and have appropriate training
  • Staff feel confident they know what to do in a healthcare emergency
  • Staff are aware of the needs of their learners through the appropriate and lawful sharing of the individual learner’s healthcare needs
  • Whenever appropriate learners are encouraged and supported with their healthcare needs.

We would please ask that parents notify school staff or the school nurse of any change to medical conditions or medication being administered.