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Taith y Meddwyl and Ty Hwyl

Taith y Meddwyl 

The Taith Y Meddwyl  approach is key to the wellbeing in our school and has consolidated provision which was already in the school for Ty Hwyl.


The provision in Ty Hwyl is an important part of our school and has been developed over a number of years.

This provision focusses on raising pupil's self-esteem, promoting emotional literacy and assisting pupils in managing their emotions. It is more of a longer term intervention  than ELSA support and is offered for a very small number of pupils, depending on pupil need, following an intensive  assessment by staff. It is rooted in Trauma Informed Schools and is led by staff who are trained in Trauma Informed, Nurture and ELSA.

The  staff  develop close  links with the families of pupils who are in the group. There are a  suite of  rooms in the building which have been recently refurbished to accommodate the Taith Y Meddwl approach . It has developed its own curriculum with the focus being on PSE, emotional literacy and practising of functional numeracy and literacy skills through activities such as cooking.

In addition to this, problem-solving  skills and team building are developed through activities such as horse riding or kayaking.